I have raised money for an orphanage in the past, notably, one in southern Poland through the Polish community we belong to in Portland, Oregon. This, though, would be different. My purpose is to be a voice for the community not to forget the needs of the kids.  The wish list from the “Stichting Casa Cuna Progreso” is plentiful 

By the time I reach the old bridge over the Spanish Lagoon I have to slow down to catch my breath. It is a good opportunity to take some pictures of the Casa Cuna orphanage. The place looks clean and tidy on the outside. Inside, though, they have quite a few needs.

Gone are the many inlets with waves crashing onto the white sandy beaches. After the last stop a Cuban woman working the souvenir stalls at the Alta Vista chapel decides to come with me. “The lighthouse is just over there” she says as she stops and points me in the wrong direction. I decide not to take the path through the cactus patch. Instead, I take an alternate route to California Point and head toward the coastal desert road winding its way through a section where rocks of a variety of shapes and sizes appear. As a kid I was lead to believe that the island was just a barren rock in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. This notion no longer rings true.  

By the time I leave Casa Cuna the sun had just come up over the eastern horizon and I am already suffocating. 


                                                              Beaverton, Tualatin Medical Clinics                    

Instead of asking someone for an air conditioned home to cool off in I take my vest, waist belt, water bottles, and shoes off and proceed to throw myself into the ocean. Just what I need to make it to Bells’ Gym, my next watering stop in San Nicolas. 

My Solo Run Around Aruba:  Don't Mess with the Sun

The Colorado Lighthouse is seen standing 3 miles from the finish as a speck in the horizon.

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I run out of water and lose cell phone connection with my friend Robby Falconi. 

My wife, however, has tracked me down and reports the finding. Out of nowhere my supply vehicle shows up for the third and last time.

Later on I pass the California Point Lighthouse to my left. Within less than an hour I reach the Playa Linda Beach Resort just in time for a drink and to see the sunset. 

Tualatin: Mon-Thur, 7 AM - 5 PM

19260 SW 65th Ave, Suite 285 
Tualatin OR 97062

Telephone: 503 927 1012

Running a loop around the outside perimeter of Aruba has been a dream of mine for the past 2 years. 

To train for this solo Aruban ultra-marathon I needed to run every day, but also spend some time in a thermal chamber where I do pushups, sit ups, squats, and yoga.

My solution to the heat problem was to run counter clockwise which would allow me to cool down and catch the breeze on the northern part of the island when the day was hottest.