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Learn how to gain insight in abnormal forces on normal tissue and normal forces on abnormal tissue so as to control both.

What  I will address during our coaching sessions?  

Peaking prior to your next race: get the most out of your training by knowing how to taper weeks prior to your race. 
How to speed train: each race distance requires a different training regimen to go faster. 
Minimalist training: learn about the existing controversy and whether or not to run with minimalist footwear and not get injured. Also included is a barefoot running training program. 
Cross training/strengthening, for injury prevention and performance enhancement.  
Motivation: you won’t stop running after your next race. How to keep going.Type your paragraph here.

Central Governor Theory: your brain will make you stop running unless you know how to effectively train your energy stores. I focus on augmenting fat metabolism in your training.
Injury prevention: Learning a sport takes proper instruction, yet most people think running is the exception. A runner’s joint pain could have been better prevented before the injury ever occurred. I review all the potential causes of running related pain. 
I address musculoskeletal issues, overuse injuries, and connective tissue dysfunction based on years of experience in orthopedic Physical Therapy. Running drills, form, and running efficiency. 
Common running injuries (shin splints, quadriceps tendenosis, Iliotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, etc).

Looking to get off the couch and walk down the street? Looking to run your first mile or your last 100 mile race? Looking to set a new PR on your next marathon and do it in a sustainable way? Run2bwell has the tools to get you there. 

The successful runner knows that via tissue adaptation we load the tissue with our easy runs. Interspersed with harder, longer runs, and over time pushing the envelope of normalcy to a new level. 

This is the scenario of the healthy, and often successful athlete. How to gain insight in abnormal forces on normal tissue and normal forces on abnormal tissue so as to control both.

Runners who want sustainable

performance and raise their running

experience to a new level. 

I focus on specific components of running

geared to injury prevention, motivation, and

running efficiency. 

Instead of changing your running mechanics 

you will perform running drills that will 

reinforce a more efficient running style. 

We work on mileage recovery schedules, 

your next event training, injury prevention or injury recovery, advice on proper footwear, form correction, cross training regimens, etc. 

Sustainable running can effect every aspect of our lives in a positive way. From having more energy, sleeping better, being happier, being more productive at work, thinking more clearly, etc.

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Run2bwell Consulting

Initial consultation by phone 15 minutes: free

Subsequent hourly consultation (phone): $95.00/hour - minimum sessions 60 mins (rates may vary dependent upon location). 

Consultation Package by email (unlimited) 

$150 for 3 months. Each additional month $100 up to 6 months


Phone and email

Initial consultation by phone 15 minutes: free 

$300 first month / $200 each month after

(1 x per week by phone 60 minutes (rates may vary dependent upon location), unlimited email)

Running Video Analysis

Orthopedic assessment of foot/ankle

Traditional vs minimalist footwear

Form analysis and training

Running and cross training schedules

75 minutes, $150-

Copyright, © 2013-2015. Run2bwell & Hans Kroese.   All rights reserved.

Sessions include: 

History taking such as prior injuries, past and current training schedules, crosstraining routines, past and current footwear, goals, your next event, running and exercise history, health history, questions you have. 

The information you provide will help you get inspired to reach your running potential, improve you energy level, and get rid of destructive running behavior such as the wrong training schedule, bad form, lack of variety in your training, inefficient training methods, frequent injuries, inconsistent training, overtraining, etc.