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                                     Medical Benefits of Running

​​According to Jack Scaff Jr., M.D. Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, contrasted with their sedentary counterparts, those who exercise a minimum of 1 hour, 3 times a week (burning 2200-3300 cal.), experience the following diseases/problems less frequently (usually by a magnitude of more than 30%):

Hypertension                                            Arteriosclerotic heart disease  

Stroke                                                       Myocardial infarction

Peripherovascular disease                       Diabetes (especially Adult Onset Type ll)

Reduces Prostate Cancer Progression by 57%

Esophagitis                                               Hiatal hernia

Gastric ulcer                                             Appendicitis

Duodenal ulcer                                         Diverticulitis

Decreases Erectile Dysfunction by 83%

Cholecystitis                                             Varicose veins

Hemorrhoids                                             Estrogen dependent Cancer

Recurrent breast Cancer 50%                  Uterine, Ovarian.

Active teens have less senile dementia in later life

Colon Cancer                                            Prostate Cancer

Osteoporosis                                            Teen Pregnancy 

Failure to Complete Education                 Substance Abuse

​50% lower risk of premature dementia

Depression                                               Alzheimer's

Cataracts                                                  Migraine Headaches

Overweight Type II diabetic mom's have more normal birth weight babies. 

Cardio activity is essential in improving health. Dr. Scaff emphasizes duration. Sixty minutes three times per week is better than 30 minutes six times per week in order to increase fat burning metabolism.