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Since experiencing a severe hamstring injury, I have been seeing Hans since March, 2015 of this year for purposes of physical therapy. In that time he has provided me with a number of helpful running and physical therapy plans aimed at restoring my running ability. He also recommended many excercises to strengthen the injured area. He has gone out of his way to maintain contact through email and check in on my progress even at times when I have been unable to visit the clinic in person. Hans has always been available to answer my questions. Even though I am still on my way to complete recovery, I know I will be fully healed soon. If not for Hans, I would not have been able to run after my injury.


A year ago I began to have intermittent pain when running, and within a few months I wasn't able to run at all. I honestly thought I may never be able to run again. I went in for an ortho sports eval, and was referred to Hans Stenfert Kroese. Hans focuses upon evaluating your running technique, and identifies weaknesses in your body mechanics and specially how they caused the injury he has been tasked with treating. Initially I had 4 in-person visits over a period of a month. In between Hans and I would email to coordinate my rehab. For the next several months Hans and I would email about my progress as I have a busy schedule and didn't have time to come in to the clinic. Hans always knew the exercises to send my way, and is able to convey helpful, concise and effective information over email (and when necessary phone). Being a runner himself Hans understands the frustrations of his patients, and is also open to learning from his patients. If ever I have another running injury (let's hope not!), Hans is who I will go to for help.
And yes, I am running joyfully! In fact I am now 1.5 months pain free. I ran a 10K race a couple of weeks ago (October, 2015), no problem. No pain during or after running. I stretch every night, my cross training is going well. For 3 weeks now I've been running in an 8mm shoe once a week to give my calves a break (the Saucony triumph--they are dreamy for your feet). Soon I'm going to start running intervals once a week or so for speed, but right now my focus is upon volume. I'm just so happy to have made it through. Thanks for giving me the tools Hans!


During the Winter of 2013-2014 I began to suffer from Planter Fasciitis (sp).
I ran a marathon, and a handful of 1/2 marathons with decent success, although I was running with a slipped disc.  I ended up having surgery Feb of 2013.  Everything went well, 6 months later I began to run.  About 2-3 months in I came down with miserable Planter.

At first I didn't put much thought into it, within a month, every run I went on (4-8 miles) I wasn't able to get out of bed the next day and put weight on my foot.  The pain was severe.  I'd get back in the weight room and in the pool til I thought I was healthy, and the first run back the same thing would happen.
This cycle went on for a few months, til I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Hans.  

I went to my doc, he referred to me to a doc that was going to fit me for orthodics and give me injections etc, and also referred me to Hans for physical therapy.
I saw Hans first.  What an experience.  Unbelievable his knowledge.  He put me on the treadmill and allowed me to see my stride.  He explained what was happening with my running style, but also taught me immediately how to run with a proper stride. 

He explained a ton about the fibers in planter (really technical and hard for me to recap) and how by changing my form to the proper stride, it would not only allow me to immediately get back on the trail, but would also allow the injured fibers in my foot to heal. It wasn't easy to correct my form, but I so desperately wanted to run again I was willing to do it. 
Going into the first appointment I really thought I wasn't going to run for 6 months. No doubt about it.  Within a week, I was running, in better shoes, shoes Hans felt fit me better than what I was using.  Very low milage, but Hans put a running plan together that would get me back on track and it sure did.  I supplemented the lack of milage with other forms of cross training, rowing, swimming, weights etc, and each week continued to ramp up not only my speed, but my milage.

By using this more efficient running style, my times began to get faster, and energy output was much less. With in a few months, I was a stronger runner than I'd ever been.  With less training I set a PR running a half marathon, running the Sauvie Island flat in 1 hour 37 min, a pace about 20 seconds a mile faster than the year I ran a ton of races and considered myself in the best running shape of my life.
I saw Hans for a few months (about 6 sessions), and I can say without question, it's been one of the best injury experiences of my life.  He really knows his stuff.  I've done PT with the average PT person where they stretch ya out and treat you like your not an athlete.  Not the case with Hans.  He not only fixed my foot, but he made me a better runner.  He put together my running plan that with ease produced a PR.  After our PT was over he followed up, and still does.  His knowledge is unquestioned, and I trust he knows what he's talking about.  He proved that.  An incredible experience, I would and do recommend anyone I come in contact to see him with foot problems.
Hans got me back on the trail, and health wise I've never looked back!
Thank you Hans.  You went far beyond the call duty, and still today run injury free with the stride you taught me :)
Hans, if there is anything I need to add, something I forgot, or anything else please let me know....I enjoyed writing this, reminded me what a fun experience that was getting back on the trail and hitting that PR!!!!!!