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I ran my first marathon in Paris, France when I was 22. I could not really prepare due to a knee injury from prior training doing jump squats with a 100 lbs squat bar. I ran with an ace wrap around my knee. Three miles into the race the bandage cut into my hamstring tendon which caused a second injury. I completed the race but decided "no more".

It wasn't until years later that I entered a triathlon. My bike was outdated by about 25 years. Halfway through the race a spoke broke which caused drag on the wheel. I finished the race and thought I needed a new bike, but did not want to spend the money. So I started running more instead. 

My next event was a marathon at about the time I read Dean Karnazes' "Ultra-Marathon Man". Within 2 weeks I ran another marathon with very little training.

My idea was to run a ½ or full solo marathon every 2 weeks with no additional training. This culminated in my first solo ultra-marathon in the south of France while on vacation.

With a pack on my back I ran all night, 31 miles without having trained. I barely made it back. One thing I knew I was hooked. I should acknowledge that my training methods have improved over the years. 
My passion for running grows each time I complete another ultra-endurance run. I want to share my passion with you. ​​